Hani Roustom


A true hotelier with a passion for excellence, Hani is a graduate of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and the current General Manager at the Hazelton Hotel, Toronto.

Roustom comes from the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, where he joined in 2013 as part of the executive team in his capacity of Executive Assistant Manager Food and Beverage. Prior to that, Roustom worked with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, joining in 2006 at the Four Seasons Washington DC as Director of Restaurants and Bars. In 2008 he transferred to their property in Toronto until the launch of the flagship Four Seasons Hotel on Yorkville Avenue in 2012, where he led the opening of the award-winning Café Boulud by Michelin starred chef Daniel Boulud.

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Driven by an inquisitive nature and a love for travel and discovery, Hani joined the Cyprus-based Louis Cruise Lines in 1998, where he spent 5 years sailing the four corners of the world, which he says “was a great time of learning and inspiration.” In 2004 Hani joined the Master program at the Hotel School of Cornell University, where he was awarded the Rama Scholarship for the American Dream. After graduation he joined the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, another leader in the hospitality industry, at their property in Washington, DC and later moved to Toronto.

Hani’s international and culinary exposure, experience launching and managing quality operations, knowledge of cultures and languages (and he speaks 5 of them) makes him an asset to his operation. Regarding hospitality and his passion for service, Hani refers to a quote by E.M. Statler engraved in the lobby of his hotel school at Cornell: “Life is service — the one who progresses is the one who gives his fellow men a little more — a little better service.”

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