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Born and raised in the Valais region of the Rhône Valley, South of Switzerland, Gregoire Michaud grew up immersed in food; embarking in a pastry apprenticeship at age 15.

After some years in Switzerland, Michaud started working abroad, notably the USA where he worked at the Broadmoor Hotel and the Beau Rivage Hotel. Eager to discover more, he landed at the Regent Hotel in Hong Kong. Once the Regent was handed over to the Intercontinental Hotel, Gregoire remained with Four Seasons and moved to the Maldives to head the pastry team at Kuda Huraa. Michaud then went back to school to earn his hotel management diploma at the famed Lausanne Hotel School. Gregoire spent the year following his graduation as an assistant Food and Beverage manager at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin. Hong Kong was calling again, but this time to lead the Pastry team of the Four Seasons Hotel since the pre-opening period, in the summer of 2005. It’s with a team of 19 passionate patissiers that Gregoire was able to develop the evolution of the pastry to the highest standards at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, working closely with Chef Vincent Thierry and Chef Chan Yan Tak, both awarded Three Michelin stars.

“The subtlety and creativity of the fragrances in the TEALEAVES blends is what makes our job easier. For example, I know the main flavor of my dessert is chocolate and maybe honey, and I want to pair it with a tea flavor. I just walk to our selection of TEALEAVES teas and I open each box, one by one, and take a deep breath of each of them to feel what the matching flavors are. After, I take it into the recipe and test the pairing – and there is rarely anything to modify because when it says for example jasmine on the label, you can be sure that you will feel the jasmine flavor throughout your experience – the tea really delivers on its promise, which in the end helps us in achieving higher standards.”

With a heart bigger than life, Gregoire actively supports local charities such as Giving Bread, Fu Hong Society, Hong Chi Association, Food Link, Room to Read, as well as Malaysia’s Emmanuel Homes.

As if his story so far was not enough, and besides judging international competitions, Michaud has now written five cookbooks since returning to Hong Kong, including two winners of the prestigious World Gourmand Cookbook Award, and with a unique and insightful style, writes on several monthly publications and shares more deliciousness on his blog.

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