Dirk Holscher


Executive Chef Dirk Holscher has been associated with the Hyatt group for over a decade and his career with the corporation has seen him globetrot for assignments in various parts of the world ever since coming on board in 1993 as Chef de Cuisine at Hyatt Regency Dubai.

Chef Dirk brings with him a rich and varied multicultural experience spanning more than 21 years, having worked with such eminent brands as the Hotel Intercontinental and the Steigenberger Hotel – Frankfurter Hof in Germany before taking up his first overseas assignment with Hyatt Regency Dubai.

“My favorite tea is Mountain Berry. It’s great hot, and I just love it as an iced tea. The Organic Chamomile Flowers are great mixed with thyme as an herb crust for a rack of lamb.”

Chef Dirk is intrigued by the influence of culture on various cuisines, something that is strikingly visible in his versatile personality and love for simple home–cooked food. Be it managing the busy operations at work, spending time with family on weekends or finding solace in golf, he likes to find a way to balance things, even in the midst of a demanding day.

The past 21 years have been a passionate journey of learning and unlearning, starting in his mother’s kitchen in Werl, Germany, leading to his promotion to Executive Chef with the Hyatt Corporation and now the Food and Beverage Director at the Grand Hyatt Muscat. Prior to joining the Grand Hyatt Muscat, Chef Dirk was with the Regency Delhi Hyatt and the Grand Hyatt Cairo in Egypt as Executive Chef where his versatile personality has often presented him with challenging assignments at various hotel openings.

His prior assignments include the opening of Park Hyatt Dubai in 2005 where he joined as Executive Chef to handle the streamlining of all the processes for the kitchen. Prior to joining Park Hyatt Dubai Chef Dirk Holscher served as Executive Chef at Grand Hyatt Istanbul from 1998 to 2001.

While his job keeps him confined in the kitchen, he finds escape in the wide open spaces of the golf course and is a passionate golfer, a game he treats as therapy. Chef Dirk’s zeal for travel also sees him packing his bag often for family holidays. In addition to travel, golf and cooking, this versatile chef also enjoys reading cookbooks and spending time cooking a meal with family. His idea of relaxation is a quiet evening with family and close friends.

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