Andrew Winfield


A prairie native, Andrew Winfield’s early influences of farm-to-table cooking shaped the roots of his culinary style. Chef Winfield held the position of Sous Chef at River Café for several years before taking over as Chef in 2010. He is committed to creating a sustainable community through growing, sourcing, and serving local and seasonal foods.

In order to ensure the source and quality level of his dishes, Andrew took it upon himself to visit individual farms and markets all across Alberta and the prairies. This in-depth search enabled Winfield to seek out clean and local ingredients that are indigenous and expressive of the region. The ingredients incorporated into Chef Winfield’s cuisine are of only the most exceptional quality.

The artisanal method of food preparation employed by Andrew Winfield allows him to maintain the wholesome and delicious quality of the chosen ingredients. Chef Winfield carefully handles house-cured charcuterie, rustic breads baked from fresh milled organic flour, and pasture-raised meats with a deep flavor that hint at grass and wild prairie perennials. In addition, he works with foraged ingredients like wild ramps, chanterelles, Saskatoon berries, spruce shoots, and cultivated heritage varieties of vegetables and fruits. Chef Winfield was awarded the Guelph Good Food Innovation Award in 2012 for his innovative use of Canadian ingredients and sustainability in the choice of those ingredients. Currently Andrew is a culinary ambassador with the Alberta Ate Chef Collaborative, a group of Chefs chosen to represent the indigenous ingredients and regional cuisine of Alberta to national and international tourism markets.

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