Alfredo Sanchez


Passionate for food and beverage at an early age, Alfredo Sanchez became inspired to pursue this career path through his grandfather and travels. By the age of 18 he was a bartender for popular brands such as Tequila Sauza and Casa Domecq. He has studied at the Mexico City Mexican Academy of Tequila of which he emerged certified as a Tequila Expert.

Alfredo has worked for the Four Seasons since 2006 where his initial role was Bartender at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita.

He now serves as Tequila Barista, where he often educates and enlightens guests during their stay with unique and tantalizing tequila-tasting experiences, pushing the boundaries of innovation and enabling guests to discover the complexities of each and every tequila drink.

Alfredo uses his talents to mix traditional Mexican ingredients with tequila in unconventional ways, such as dabbling in molecular mixology. With unique ingredients, Alfredo always strives to bring out tequila’s many layers, flavours, and complexities. Some of the ingredients he uses include tequila shots chased with orange and grapefruit wedges, chili powder-dusted pineapple, chunks of dark chocolate, or red and green sangrita. Exotic cocktails with unique flavours will excite your tastebuds to deliver the ultimate tequila-tasting experience.

Dedicated to his craft, Alfredo has assembled a wide collection of tequila: more than 200 all together. Perhaps if you pay him a visit, he will share some with you!


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