Cédric Coulaut


The culinary wealth of Chef Cédric Coulaut originates from South-West France, where he was consistently surrounded by passionate cooks.

His inspiration to cook was sparked by his mother, a talented traditional cook and his brother, a baker. Leaving France, Chef Coulaut began to travel and work in a variety of hotels and restaurants, receiving a Michelin star education.

Since Chef Cédric Coulaut joined Four Seasons Hampshire in 2013, he has been able to continue to develop his art while staying true to the concept of French-European cuisine. Having had the liberty to create the entire Seasons restaurant menu in his own artistic vision and direction, Chef Cédric Coulaut was able to make dishes that honor the French tradition but bring his own international flair.

“When I start to cook, and especially when I start to dress a plate, it’s a revelation. I’m inspired by the season, the quality of the product and the story of the product. ”

His cooking philosophy is to use the best combination of the finest ingredients; he works with the freshest local produce and even takes care of a ‘Chef’s Patch’ of seasonal herbs and vegetables. One of his latest dishes is the ‘Cappuccino’, featuring a fresh, Estate-laid egg, surrounded by a green pea velouté with milk cream foam and accompanied by crispy mouliets to be dipped into the egg.

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