Nutcracker Gelato

The Nutcracker infuses creamy gelato with his magic. Rich hazelnut and citrus notes bring the dessert to life upon the palate, a delicate pas de deux between the creaminess of hazelnut and sweet, aromatic vanilla. Allowing the gelato to cool before churning allows for the the most decadent, creamiest texture.

Notes from Alex Chong, Pastry Chef at Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel:

“Allowing the gelato to cool before churning allows for the the most decadent, creamiest texture.”

Nutcracker Gelato

  • 30 g. TEALEAVES Nutcracker Loose Leaf Tea
  • 2000 g. Milk
  • 700 g. Cream
  • 160 g. Milk Powder
  • 140 g. Glucose Powder
  • 16 g. Ice Cream Stabilizer
  • 120 g. Egg Yolk
  • 560 g. Sugar
  1. Infuse the Nutcracker loose leaf tea in the milk overnight.

  2. Strain the tea leaves the next day.

  3. Warm the milk and cream to 40ºC.

  4. Add in the milk powder, glucose powder, and ice cream stabilizer.

  5. Continue cooking until the mixture reaches 60ºC.

  6. Add in the sugar and egg yolks, and slowly cook until it reaches 82ºC.

  7. Let the mixture cool and then churn.

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